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Hi I’m Rosie; I’m a raw-food and vegan chef, recipe developer and consultant, and vegan cheese queen (check out our range of Artisan Cashew Brie Cheese here).  I’m a feminist, an environmentalist and advocate of healthy living. I believe in the ‘wheel of health’ in which healthy eating, proper rest and relaxation, exercise, mental and spiritual health all play a vital role in our well-being.

10 years ago it was a different story; my lifestyle was incredibly unhealthy; up all night and sleeping in the day, I ate a lot of fast food; processed meat, dairy and carbs, drank and smoked and struggled with substance addiction. I suffered with anxiety and depression and it’s really no surprise that I was utterly miserable.

When I had my daughter aged 23 it completely changed my life; but this was just the beginning of my healing journey. I was exhausted, still struggling with anxiety and symptoms of chronic fatigue. I had built so much toxicity in my body over the years I desperately needed to detox, but I had no knowledge of how to do this safely and properly. Like many new mums I wanted to lose weight, but the wealth of misinformation on this subject at the time lead me to cutting out fat completely. As a result of not feeding my body properly, I suffered terrible food cravings and developed a very unhealthy relationship with food. I would have periods of very low calorie intake and extreme exercise, followed by periods of binge eating, this yoyo-ing played havoc with my energy levels and body image.

When I discovered that I could actually eat when I was hungry, until I was full; food which tasted amazing, nourished my body and still be lean, strong and healthy, it was a revolution. I truly believe that we are in the middle of a food revolution, we are taking back the power from the diet industry and making ourselves healthy and staying that way. Raw and vegan food is such an amazing medicine; I’m not advocating a completely raw food diet but including more fresh, plant-based whole-foods in your diet can help you sleep better, give you more energy and help you foster a better relationship between food and your body. Plus who doesn’t want an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast?! With raw cacao you can, and feel like a health goddess at the same time!

When I’m not making artisan tree-nut cheese and superfood snacks, at events, catering or running classes you will find me in the kitchen devising delicious recipes or writing articles; both of which you can find on my blog.  I also update my blog any upcoming news or events. If you would like us to speak to me about my health and happiness story, talk to me about recipe development, stock our nut cheeses or would like to book us for a cookery demonstration, talk or event please get in touch via my contact me page.



The book that changed my relationship with food forever- ‘I can make you thin’ Paul McKenna

An amazing resource of health information ‘Make Yourself Better’  Philip Weeks

My favourite book on Ayurveda ‘A Pukka Life’ Sebastian Pole


For help with Substance Abuse 

FRANK, Cocaine Anonymous 


For mental health support or just someone to talk to

Mind , Samaritans