Kashyu Cream Che*se; Original

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Artisan Cashew Milk Cream Che*se

This vegan tree-nut cheese is made with activated cashews and cultured to create a soft, spreadable cheese, using dairy-free and natural ingredients. Enjoy with fresh bread or try stirring any of our soft cheeses into pasta for an instant pasta sauce.

Ingredients:  cashews, purified water, coconut oil, sea salt, cultures.

150 g

Contains nuts, made in a vegan kitchen which handles nuts.

8 reviews for Kashyu Cream Che*se; Original

  1. Jo

    Picked this up at Bristol Vegfest! Absolutely delicious. Great as a spread, or try adding a little almond milk to make an amazing garlic cheese dip or chucking a tablespoon onto a load of stir fried veggies for a quick garlic sauce! Love it, love it, love it!

  2. Alexandra Rushbrook

    By far the best cream cheese I have tasted

  3. megan

    Amazing. This is the best soft cheese replacement I have found. Picked it up at the vegan Viva festival in Brighton 🙂 incredibly tasty, wonderful on its own on a nice cracker, or making it in to a sauce, or dip. Love this stuff!!

  4. Zahra

    Delicious on bagels ! Great in pasta ! Soo incredible

  5. Beth Flitton

    I’m loving this as an accompaniment to sweet potato wedges! Heavenly!

  6. Jodie

    Bought mine at Vegfest London. Amazing flavour, perfect consistency and so moreish. I’m ordering more!

  7. Flis Jones

    Bought this cheese in Simply V in Cardiff. It is really delicious and I’m only sorry I didn’t buy the others in the range! Lovely texture and just the right level of garlicyness! Fantastic with oatcakes.

  8. Chris

    Literally the best vegan cream cheese I’ve eaten. The consistency is fantastic as is the flavour. The ingredients are also excellent + sustainable. Blown away! Totally phenomenal.

    And this goes for all of Rosie’s cheeses – soft and hard. I’ve had the luxury of having access to her whole range lately and cannot recommend these cheeses enough. The best I’ve had.

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